The Juicing business Must-Haves

We often get the question, “What tools should we use?”

These are our favorite tools for building and growing a juicing business that we use and love. Check back often for updates! Please note: for some of the links on this page we earn an affiliate commision. Although we only recommend what use ourselves.

JUICERS: Cold Press/Slow Juicers (Low Volume)

Omega VSJ843RS

The newest Omega model that has a higher yield compared with the older models. Not intended for high production but can be a great juicer to create 20-30 juices a day.

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer

The large feeding tube saves you a lot of time cutting and shopping vegetables. Not intended for high production but can be a great juicer to create 20-30 juices a day.

Hurom HU-100

If you like the Hurom brand then you will love this masticating juicer. Also this one is not intended for high production but can be a great juicer to create 20-30 juices a day.

JUICERS: Hydraulic press (Medium Volume)

Angel Twin Gear

The quality the masticating Angel produces is excellent and comparable to a hydraulic press. The stainless steal makes this juicer indestructible. The only downside is the small feeding tube. It takes some time to create large batches of juices.

PURE Juicer

The PURE Juicer was designed to fill the need for a modern two-stage juicer built to the highest engineering, design, and manufacturing standards.
Also used by most starting juicing businesses and it’s a great alternative if you consider a Hydraulic press for your business.
When you get one of these, you can produce 60 -70 bottles a day.

Norwalk Hydraulic Press

Although the Norwalk juicer isn’t a commercial juicer most starting juicing businesses use it. When you get one of these, then you can produce 40-50 bottles a day.

JUICERS: Commercial Hydraulic press (High volume)

X-1 Mini

A small commercial countertop juicer that has all of the benefits of a large hydraulic press. This juicer is perfect for juice bars, restaurants and is the perfect mix of on the go juicing and bottling juice. It can create 1 juice or 100 a day.

Countertop CT-7

A small commercial countertop juicer that has all of the benefits of a large hydraulic press. This juicer is perfect for juice bars, restaurants and is the perfect mix between on the go juicing and botteling juice. It can create 1 juice or hundreds a day!

Goodnature X-1

One of the most populair commercial juicers used by juicing businesses around the world. The investment can be quit large for startups but if you want to produce hundreds of bottles per hour then you won’t have to think twice, the X-1 will definitely suit your needs.

Blend it!

The Ninja

If your budget doesn’t allow for a Vitamix or Blentec. Then the Ninja will blend your super green smoothies without blending your budget to much.

The Vitamix

You can’t go wrong with a Vitamix. These blenders create the “smoothies” smoothies. With a 5 year warranty your investment is secure.

The Blendtec

I love the Blendtec. From blending iPhones to baseball bats to a pulp. You will be sure it blends your fruits and veg into a smooth texture.

Keeping things cool

NewAir AB-1200

You can fit around 50-80 juice bottles in this little fridge. Perfect for smaller juicing businesses to quickly store your fresh juices before delivery.

EdgeStar 14

One step up from the NewAir AB-1200 and you can choose this Commercial Edgestar 14 that can hold at least 4 times as much juice bottles.


In need of more room for your bottles or fruits and veggies. This commercial heavy duty fridge will keep everything in your juicing business chilled.

To Bottle Those Fresh Juices

Square Juice Bottles 16 Oz

This popular square bottle is perfect to carry your cold pressed juice. Suitable for High Pressure Processing (HPP). BPA Free. FDA Approved. USDA Approved.

Square Juice Bottles 16 oz.

Included 38mm Plasti-twist caps. Caps are lined to help seal in your product’s freshness and have drop down safety Bands for improved tamper evidence.

Mason Jar with lid

These are great for storing your juices or smoothies. Although more expensive then plastic PET bottles, these glass bottles have a smaller environmental footprint.

Fat Sick And Nearly Dead

Morbidly obese Joe Cross endeavors to drink only fruit and vegetable juice for 60 days in an effort to lose weight, reboot his health, and inspire others along the way.

Superjuice Me

Jason Vale his mission is to prove that most pharmaceutical drugs are unnecessary and fundamentally there is only one ‘true’ disease and therefore only one obvious solution”

Fork over Knives

FORKS OVER KNIVES examines the profound claim that most; if not all; of the so-called “diseases of affluence” that afflict us can be controlled; or even reversed.

Other Resources

LivePlan to easily create your juice business plan

With LivePlan it is so much easier to create a business plan for your business. It will walk you through your entire business plan by asking your several questions.

Bluehost Webhosting for your website

When you launch your juicing business you are going to create a website, bluehost offers great hosting options for your juicing business website.

Interact for quizzes on your website

With Interact it is  so much easier to create quizzes to challenge your costumers. It will make it easy for you to interact with your costumers in a fun way.

ConvertKit for building your Email lists

ConvertKit makes managing your email list and setting up autoresponders so easy and user-friendly. Connecting with your potential costumers has never been more simple.

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