What Is
Cold-pressed Juice?

What Is Cold-Pressed Juice?
March 15, 2018 Juicing to Profit

You may have seen the term cold-pressed juice on bottles or used by cafes and might be wondering what is cold-pressed juice? And why is it suddenly so popular? It has actually been around for decades. Technically, Cold-pressed juice refers to how juice is made. With a cold-pressed juicer or also known as a hydraulic press. The hydraulic press presses the juice out of fruits and vegetables.

So, how does cold-pressed work? And why is it so much better than using the juicer I have at home to make fresh juice. Allow us to explain. Traditionally when you make juice at home you would use a centrifugal juicer, the rotating blades generate heat and oxidation, you’ll need to drink it immediately otherwise the juice will lose vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in just a short amount of time. Cold-pressed, on the other hand, uses thousands of pounds of pressure to press the juice out with a hydraulic press. There is no additional heat or oxygen, meaning that no nutrients are lost in the heat of making your juices.

Why do people drink Cold-Pressed?

Fresh juices contain most of the same nutrients as the original fruit and vegetables, but juicing removes fibers, making it more concentrated and easier to digest and absorb. This makes it easier to eat large amounts of veggies in a fast and convenient way. It’s like a lightning bolt to your system. The nutrients do not have to be digested and immediately enter your body getting used as energy. It’s a healthy fast food alternative. By getting healthier, many people experience less fatigue, more energy, all the way to losing significant amounts of weight. By using a cold-pressed juicer to make the juice, the juice has a higher quality (more nutrients, longer shelf life), and pulp free.

How do You Make Cold-Pressed Juice?

Making cold-pressed juice is a two-step process.


In the first step the fresh fruits and vegetables are shred to a pulp. You can do this with a separate food processor (like in the image below). Or for some cold-pressed juicer models, the shredder is attached directly to the juicer.


Then we place the pulp into a cloth bag and slowly press it into juice. This releases the vitamins, minerals an living enzymes into one delicious, pulp-free juice.

The benefits of cold-pressed juice for business

Cold-pressed has a number of benefits when you’re starting a business.

More Nutrients: The nutrients are preserved for a longer time, which means, healthier juice and a longer shelf life.

Higher yield: Generally, you can extract anywhere from 15% – 30% more juice from the same fruits and vegetables.

Better Taste: Now, this is just my opinion. But I noticed that people tend to enjoy pulp-free juice a lot more. It’s so much smoother!

Marketing: Cold-pressed is popular and customers are getting more aware that traditionally their juices have been heated (pasteurized). Cold-pressed helps with your marketing.

Cold-pressed juice has a longer shelf life, a higher yield, retains vitamins and nutrients longer and tastes better. You probably get the picture. Cold-pressed juice is the way to go when you’re starting a business selling fresh juice.

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